Benefit of Using Hearing Aids

Benefits of Using Hearing Aids
Dr. Howard Tamashiro

Hearing Aid Benefits

Did you know that hearing loss is a common condition for millions of Americans around the country? According to the World Health Organization, around 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with some degree of hearing loss. For many, this means that they’re faced with the decision of using hearing aids.

Although it is a big decision, the benefits of hearing aids pay off greatly! The purpose of hearing aids is to help one hear better, but more importantly, they can improve one’s overall quality of life. This includes maintaining relationships, confidence and personal safety.

Hearing Aids Keep You Safe

Hearing is not only a tool we use in everyday situations, it’s also a safeguard to keep us out of harm’s way. We use sounds to adjust ourselves to our environments. When one’s name is called from a distance, hour hearing helps detect the direction of the voice. When loud sirens or horns blare down the street, one knows to avoid oncoming emergency vehicles. If one’s ability to hear is reduced mistakes are more likely to happen—like not responding to someone calling one. But that untreated hearing loss also means that one may be placing oneself in danger if one can’t hear the emergency siren of an oncoming ambulance!

Hearing is one of the main ways to maintain a quality of life. If one struggles with hearing loss, hearing aids help keep one aware of his or her surroundings by receiving clear sounds from the environment. One can avoid missing simple social cues as well as avoiding danger.

Hearing Aids Improve Your Happiness

Hearing loss has been linked to anxiety, depression, stress, and social isolation. If not addressed one may resort to social withdraw, pulling away from the world around them. Also the struggle to keep up with family, friendships and work relationships can be frustrating and sometimes damaging. Untreated hearing loss can affect your job. If one is unable to hear clearly at work, job participation and performance may suffer and ultimately lead to reduced earning power.

When diagnosed, hearing aids can help rebuild relationships as well as greatly reduce the anxiety or stress one may have felt prior to diagnosis. With hearing restored one can ultimately regain confidence in oneself. The assurance that one can fully participate with loved ones and the life happening around them is the ultimate encouragement. Hearing aids aren’t just a piece of technology that helps one hear, they can be a tool for happiness as well!

Hearing Aids Keep You Healthy

Hearing loss is not only a sensory condition but it has also been linked to mental decline. Studies from John’s Hopkins University have found that many with hearing loss are at a higher risk for the development of dementia in comparison to those without hearing loss. Some suggest that the strain put on the brain to “hear” impaired sound waves is overwhelming and ultimately results in mental decline. Others suggest that the anxiety and depression due to social isolation are behind the development of dementia. It may be a combination of both.

By using hearing aids one is looking after one’s health. Hearing aids can slow or even halt possible cognitive decline by stimulating the brain by helping it hear clear, unimpeded sound. Moreover, when one is able to participate in society and feels less isolated, one’s symptoms of depression and anxiety may decrease significantly. Ultimately, hearing loss is not just an isolated condition but also a matter of overall health.

Hearing is part of every aspect of our lives. For those of us with hearing loss, hearing aids help us stay in touch with more than just one of our five senses. They can help us stay connected with our loved ones, maintain our independence and safety as well as keep our minds sharp.

If you are on the fence or ready to look for the perfect hearing aids for you, our audiologists at the Hearing Center of Hawaii are here to help you start your journey to better hearing!

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