Tips for Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

How to adjust to new hearing aids
Dr. Howard Tamashiro

How to Adjust to Your New Hearing Aids

Now that you’ve been fitted for your new hearing aids, you’re on your way to a life-changing experience. With your new hearing aids, you’ll once again experience sounds that you’ve missed for some time. Adjusting to your new hearing aids may be a disorienting experience at first. As you begin to get accustomed to the clear sounds of your environment, we offer you some tips for adjusting to your new hearing aids.

Start Slowly and Be Patient

It is important to keep in mind that hearing loss alters the way our brains process sound. So when you begin wearing hearing aids, you’ll hear many more sounds with much more clarity than you had before. This may be a disorienting experience at first, as your brain has grown accustomed to less clear sound signals. Start slowly and be patient with yourself as you adjust to the clearly amplified sounds. Wear your hearing aids for short periods at a time as you grow accustomed.

Wear Your Hearing Aids in a
Quiet Environment

Because the amplification of sound may be overwhelming, we recommend that you wear your hearing aids for short periods first in a quiet environment. Try wearing them at home for a few hours at a time and grow accustomed to the acoustics of quiet spaces first.

Don’t Adjust the Volume

You may think that sounds are too loud – but it is just that the sound signals are clearer than they were before. When your hearing aids are fitted, our hearing specialists will recommend proper volumes for your aids. We recommend that you maintain the volumes at the recommended levels, rather than adjusting the volume. This will help you grow accustomed to the experience of rich, clear sound.

Get Used to the Sound of
Your Own Voice

get used to the sound of your own voice new hearing aidsOne experience that may be strange with hearing aids is hearing the sound of your own voice. These head sounds may be uncomfortable and disorienting as well. To get used to the sound of your own voice, we recommend that you read aloud to yourself while wearing your hearing aids. Over time, you will become more comfortable with your voice and your head sounds with the use of your hearing aids.

Wear Your Hearing Aids in Different Environments

Over time, as you get used to wearing your hearing aids in quiet environments, it is time to take your hearing aids into different sound environments. Make this a gradual transition: wear your hearing aids in the car, in the grocery store, at the shopping center, at a busy restaurant, at a social gathering, and so on. Eventually, you will grow more accustomed to your hearing aids in different acoustic spaces. You will also learn your preferences in these spaces and be able to make adjustments quickly and with ease for an optimal listening experience.

Practice Your Hearing Aids in Conversation

get used to your hearing aids Hearing Center of HawaiiYou’ll find that your hearing aids greatly help with speech recognition. When you first get your aids, practice wearing them in conversations in a quiet environment, such as your home. Experiment with talking on the phone with your hearing aids. Some hearing aids offer a wireless option, with which you may connect your hearing aids to your smartphones. This allows you to stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids. Eventually, you will grow accustomed to having conversations in busy restaurants, and in conversations with multiple speakers.

Wear Your Hearing Aids Daily

You’ll eventually grow accustomed to wearing your hearing aids in a variety of different environments. Clear, amplified sounds will become normal to you, and you’ll experience the full benefits of using a hearing aid to treat your hearing loss. Hearing specialists recommend that you wear your hearing aids daily for best results.

Questions or concerns about your new hearing aids? Feel free to contact us at Hearing Center of Hawaii. We’re here to support you as you adjust to your new hearing aids.

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