Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Your hearing aids are an important investment in reconnecting you to the world around you and the people you love. Caring for them ensures that they continue to function properly and optimally. If your hearing aids are not working as they should, contact us immediately. At Hearing Center of Hawaii, we offer comprehensive hearing aid repair and maintenance.

Hearing Aid Problems

Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aid Problems

Hearing aids are extraordinary devices: though small in size, they perform huge feats. These “mini-computers for your ears” are workhorses and are quite sturdy. However, if you believe your hearing aids are malfunctioning, it is important to be as noninvasive as possible with them.
Taking your hearing aids apart may inadvertently damage them in the process, which may void any warranties you have. If your hearing aids are malfunctioning, we recommend that you bring them into us at Hearing Center of Hawaii.

However, if you want to troubleshoot your hearing aids before you come visit us, here are a few tips.

Are they on?

Before you do anything else, make sure that your hearing aids are turned on. Depending on the make and model, your hearing aid will either light up or play a melody to alert you that it is on and functional.

Turn up the

Your hearing aids may not sound like they’re working, but it’s possible that somehow the volume was accidentally turned down. Check your volume controls to make sure they are at the proper level you normally use.


Batteries are the life source of your hearing aids. If your hearing aids use traditional batteries, check to make sure they still have juice. If not, replace them and see if that helps. If you use rechargeable hearing aid batteries, check to make sure your charger is properly working and is charging your hearing aids as they should!

Hearing Aid Components

If you wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid, check to make sure that the plastic tubing of your hearing aids is in good shape. Sometimes, wear and tear on these tubes may lead to a malfunction with the aids.

Hearing Aid Repair

If you’ve attempted all of the above, and your hearing aids are still not working, it may be time to bring them in to Hearing Center of Hawaii for repairs. Issues to look out for include: volume fluctuation, on-going static and feedback, sounds cutting in and out, whistling, surface damage (e.g. cracks or holes in the plastic), and poor fit.

Even if you are not experiencing these issues, but your experience of your hearing aids is not as clear and comfortable as they should be, come and visit us.

We are trained to repair hearing aids and refit them for you so that you get the best listening experience. Again, we recommend that you bring your malfunctioning aids in to us, rather than take them apart yourself, as this may unwittingly cause further damage.
Based on the problems and malfunctions, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of the repair time.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

We recommend that you come visit us for monthly cleanings and checks. We provide comprehensive cleanings, which are crucial to the longevity of your hearing aids. During this time, we’ll make sure that your hearing aids are working in their optimal form, and we will also make sure that they are working properly for you.

Hearing is an incredibly personal experience. During our maintenance sessions, we’ll ensure that your hearing aids are performing to meet your hearing needs. On-going maintenance ensures that you are always hearing at the proper level, which also allows us to monitor your hearing health. At the same time, these visits ensure that your hearing aids are fitting you properly and comfortably.

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