Signia Hearing Aids from The Hearing Center of Hawaii

Signia Primax, from Sivantos Group

Signia is a new brand of hearing aids from Sivantos Group, the parent company for Siemens. New from Signia in 2016 is the advanced Primax line. These are hearing aids that pack some serious punch. Looking for top of the line hearing technology in a sleek hearing aid, designed to fit your every need? Primax has it all.

Unique Features for Speech Recognition

signia-hearing-aidsWhat makes Signia Primax so special is a system that is designed to hone in on what you want to hear. It’s called SpeechMaster. Running on a complex set of algorithms, SpeechMaster seeks out speech from every side. It automatically focuses on these sounds, regardless of where they are coming from. Especially in places that require a lot of concentration and listening effort like a crowded bar, a poor phone connection, or anywhere with distracting background noises, SpeechMaster has your back.

Using noise reduction, directionality, and amplification, it focuses on the speaker while minimizing background sounds, and the voice you are listening to becomes clear as day. With super sensitive mics and a finely tuned program like SpeechMaster, you’ll have reduced listening fatigue and can listen easily in any environment. In the car, watching TV, talking on the phone, or waiting for PA announcements in the train station, Primax makes sure you don’t miss a thing. Studies show that in complex listening environments, Signia Primax even outperforms normal hearing!

Music Appreciation

Are you a music lover? Signia Primax has you covered. The High Definition Music program offers three settings to provide the best in rich, full sound. In the Live Music setting, the program works to handle the huge dynamic ranges in live concerts to give you clear hearing from the softest sound to the loudest drum solo. With Recorded Music, Primax gives the best in quality so you enjoy each and every note on your favorite record. Finally, The Musician setting is for the music performer, designed to allow musicians to hear the subtleties of their performance as well as that of their fellow performers.

Other Features

All Signia Primax hearing aids use the TouchControl app that gives you complete control over your hearing. Never fiddle with your hearing aid, but adjust setting with the tap of a finger using your smartphone. Extending functionality is easyTek, connecting your hearing aid to any Bluetooth enabled devices. This includes your TV, radio, and phone. Never strain to understand someone on the phone, or reach for the volume control on the remote. Simply connect these devices through easyTek, and stream the sound right to your hearing aid.

If you want the best in hearing, look no further than Signia Primax. With easy listening in any environment, advanced music features, and the models that work for you, Primax delivers natural hearing with an optimal balance of quality and amplification.

Signia Primax Models

Signia Primax has several models to suit any lifestyle and level of hearing loss. If you’re a first time hearing aid wearer, we suggest Ace, a small Receiver in Canal (RIC) model. It provides natural sound, and is easy to fit. A thin band of clear tubing connects the receiver to the discreet hearing aid resting behind the ear.

Pure is another RIC hearing aid, which combines sophistication and power. This small hearing aid doesn’t run off batteries, but is rechargeable with Signia’s eCharger.

Motion is the classic Behind the Ear (BTE) model, that works well for any level of hearing loss, and provides advanced power for all your hearing needs.

Insio is a custom made in the ear hearing aid that comes in both Completely in Canal (CIC) and Invisible in Canal (IIC) models. If discretion is a top priority for you, Insio is the right choice. These tiny hearing aids are almost impossible to detect, and give you complete hearing and comfort.

Signia Hearing Aids from The Hearing Center of Hawaii