Signia Hearing Aids from The Hearing Center of Hawaii

Signia Silk, from Sivantos Group

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, which is also parent company to the popular hearing aid brand Siemens. Signia’s first hearing aid, primax, was co-branded with Siemens and has been proven by independent studies to reduce listening effort throughout the day. Signia primax offers features such as SpeechMaster, HD Music, and EchoShield for an optimal listening experience. Signia and Siemens are at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries to smarter and consumer-focused design.

Signia Silk | Ready to Wear

Signia Silk

In the trend of hearing aids growing smarter, faster, and more discreet, Signia introduces the brand-new Silk. As a ready to wear, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid, Silk combines two innovative technologies: the newly developed Click Sleeves and the Signia primax hearing platform.

Crafted of silicone, Click Sleeves are designed to “click” into the hearing aids. Signia offers six varieties of the Click Sleeve to ensure that Silk will fit most ear canals. Click Sleeve’s design also provides ventilation and a high level of comfort, which allows Silk to be inserted deep in the ear canal, where it will not be noticed by the wearer – or anyone else – providing discretion.
Silk appeals to first-time users of hearing aids, who will appreciate the ease and discretion of Silk’s design. The comfort and flexibility of Click Sleeves eliminates the customization and crafting time of traditional hearing aids. Smart color design (blue for the left ear, red for the right) makes the listening experience even more convenient for first-time wearers.

As a ready to wear hearing aid, wearers will experience the true benefits of hearing technology immediately.

Advanced Hearing Features

Built on the primax platform, Silk hearing aids provide advanced hearing features in a small package. The primax platform has been proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day, as revealed in a 2015 study from the University of Northern Colorado. Results found that SpeechMaster and EchoShield, two primax hearing features, provided wearers with natural listening experience. Primax also builds upon sister brand Siemens’s binax technology, which has been clinically proven to outperform normal listening in challenging noise environments.

Assisted Hearing Device


The SpeechMaster function continuously monitors what you are listening to, and automatically focuses on your conversation partner, while reducing background noise. Speech recognition is one of the biggest challenges for people who experience hearing loss. SpeechMaster ensures that you don’t miss a word.


For those with hearing loss, certain spaces are more challenging than others when it comes to listening. Spaces such as hallways, lecture halls, and places of worship tend to have more difficult acoustics for those with hearing loss. The EchoShield feature protects sound in these challenging acoustic spaces by eliminating reverberation and prevents sound degradation.


In addition to these features, Silk offers a wireless CROS/BiCROS option for people who experience single-sided hearing loss. Silk hearing aids send processed audio signals to the hearing aid in the other ear through e2e wireless connection. For those who experience tinnitus, Silk provides relief with the Tinnitus Noiser, a feature with five static noises and four ocean noises.


Silk’s OneMic provides binaural directionality to assist you in focusing on sounds you want to hear, with special focus on the speaker standing in front of you. OneMic is also instrumental in reducing background noises that may distract your focus.

Silk is available in three performance levels to address different degrees of hearing loss (mild to severe): 3px, 5px, and 7px.

Wireless Streaming

easytek-appAs with most advanced hearing aids, Silk offers several modes of wireless connection, which provides an added level of seamlessness and accessibility. Through these connections, Silk wearers may stream audio directly to their ears.

Through Bluetooth, Silk hearing aids may connect to devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and speakers. Silk hearing aids are transformed into a high-quality stereo headset through connection with easyTek.
The touchControl app allows wearers to make adjustments to program features and volume levels on their smartphones. Additionally, touchControl allows Silk wearers to stream phone calls, video chats, music, and other media directly from their phones or tablets to their Silk hearing aids – all hands free and extremely convenient.

Signia also offers a line of accessories that are compatible with easyTek: TV Transmitter, VoiceLink, and easyPocket and miniPocket remote controls. These accessories are simple and easy to use, and allow Silk wearers to wirelessly stream and control their listening experiences at home and while out and about.

Remote controls easyPocket and miniPocket offer large buttons and an easy to read display, making it easier for you to control your listening experience. Connection through the touchControl app on your smartphone also affords the same convenience.