Unitron Hearing Aids
from The Hearing Center of Hawaii

When you want reliable hearing, you can count on Unitron. This Canadian-based company has been providing high end hearing assistance for more than 50 years, has offices in over 20 countries, and works with 50 international partners. Unitron is dedicated to removing barriers and creating easy-to-use products. At the Hearing Center of Hawaii, we are proud to offer our patients Unitron hearing aids. Our Audiologist, Dr. Howard Tamashiro has two locations in Honolulu and Pearlridge to serve you. We invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

North Platform by Unitron

What makes Unitron so special? Unitron hearing aids are powered by the North platform, which focuses on natural hearing in any environment. Dual-core processing allows multiple tasks to be performed at the same time, and Unitron’s seamless integration means features work together to give you clear speech without sacrificing the clarity of the sounds around you.Unitron knows that every environment has unique hearing challenges. Soundnav software recognizes seven distinct environments and has specific settings for each one. These include noise, quiet, and music. Unitron recognizes four different conversation environments, because they realize that all conversations are different and one conversation program is not enough. There are distinct settings for conversations in the quiet, in small groups, in a crowd, and in noise, and Soundnav automatically switches between these settings to suit each environment.

Unitron’s Moxi hearing aids have a reputation for comfort and style. The line features four models, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss, Moxi Now and Moxi Dura. All models are Receiver-In-the-Canal, and feature a Flex Program which lets you test drive the technology before you make a final decision about which hearing aid to buy.

Moxi Fit, the newest in the Moxi family, contains a telecoil for loop systems, and won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2015 for innovation in hearing assistance technology. “It is a testament to our user-centric design philosophy,” said Andre de Goeij, Unitron’s Director of Product Management, “that Moxi Fit was recognized for achieving that rare feat of providing intuitive user control without compromising size or beauty.”

Moxi Kiss is one of the smallest hearing aids on the market, and is perfect if you don’t need the extra features of Moxi Fit. With Kiss, you’ll forget you are even wearing a hearing aid. Moxi Kiss earned the Red Dot Award in 2014, along with the iF Product Design Award.

Finally, Moxi Dura is the latest in high power technology. This hearing aid is designed for those with severe or profound hearing loss who need a powerful, reliable hearing aid. This is delivered through features like the binaural phone setting, allowing you to hear phone conversations from both ears for increased clarity.

Unitron also produces Stride, featuring both In-The-Ear and Behind-The-Ear hearing aids designed for comfort and control. Stride joins Moxi on the North platform, giving clients even more options in durability, sleek design, and unique programs, offering truly natural listening experiences.